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Island Homes Collection by Honsador

For over three decades Honsador Lumber has offered to the trade and owner builders affordable and "customizable" Packaged Home Kits. Over the years many models have been created to address the needs of our clients or to meet a specific request for a unique floor plan. When it was thought that a special plan could meet a wider customer base then those plans were refined and added as a standard model and would join the growing number of model homes in what has become a Collection of model homes. Thus through actual application, the models added to the Collection are a very good fit for the relaxed and casual Island lifestyles.

Prepackaged Homes Honolulu Hawaii

The Purpose:

The over-riding purpose throughout the years has been to design homes that fit the criteria of being affordable, comfortable, attractive and compatible with existing street scenes or blending with neighborhoods where it will sit and function for decades. We believe we have achieved our objective and captured the essence of what clients are seeking within our Collection now over 20 models from which to chose.

House Kit Hawaii

The Choices:

For the most tropical and challenging weather areas of our Islands, we have taken our “Standard Collection” plans and made modifications that give the homes more tolerance to extreme weather conditions – mostly rain and wind. You will find these models in the “Hilo Collection." These models of course will work on any Island and are available from any Branch office.

Prices for the models will vary by Branch due to freight differences and product offerings. In all cases you will find excellent value and time savings using our Prepackaged Home Kits.


"Quick Search:"

Please use our “Quick Search” feature where you can readily select lookups to view models of specific size, bedroom count or number of floors.

Prefabricated House Package

Aloha in Every Model:
You will notice that all of our models have unique Hawaiian names. The name of each model was chosen to closely define the attributes of that specific model. While we are using Hawaiian names we do so with a great deal of respect for the rich culture connected to this language and use these names to localize the models. We hope you will sense the Aloha that has been put into each of our models. We have hundreds of homes now built on Hawaiian Homestead properties where Hawaiian families live and thrive everyday.

Our home designs provide for roomy and comfortable spaces. Kitchens are designed for workability and local life styles. Carports and garages interface with kitchens for security purposes and ease of transferring groceries from vehicle to kitchen areas. Laundries are generally placed outside the homes by local preference. Many traditional, tried and true materials are specified for use in our models. Nothing is experimental. These models work and are in use by thousands of local folks and mainland owners who have relocated to the Islands.

Ready to Help:

Each Branch office has a trained person on staff well versed in the “Island Homes Collection” program. Buying one of our models puts you on a path of getting your new home built through an efficient process. Step by step guidance is provided you so you meet each milestone prepared and with a Honsador coach. There are many, many moving parts in the planning and construction of a new home. With the “Island Homes Collection” process each step is identified, each load of building materials is identified and deliveries easily accomplished. We have it down to a system that has worked for thousands of homeowners.