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Weiland For over 25 years Weiland Sliding Doors has been creating innovative, precision-crafted European doors and windows. From start to finish, every door is tailored to the specific needs of the architect, designer, contractor, and homeowner.
We believe in quality and craftsmanship, integrated with effortless style, and driven by elegant functionality. Weiland specializes in lift slide doors, corner lift slide doors, curved lift and slide doors, pocket lift slide doors and bifold doors. Our company was founded on fine, high quality woodworking. This dedication to excellence continues today and is demonstrated in the quality of our service to you.

The Weiland Beefy Bifold

Weiland Beefy Bifold and standard folding door systems are moving glass walls that help maximize the size of a wall opening to the outside.
Weiland's Beefy Bifold is a proprietary folding door designed for openings up to 13-1/2' in height with individual panel widths up to 5' (depending on configuration). Using the same sash profile as the liftslide, the Beefy Bifold offers taller and wider panels, allowing more glass and less obstructions to the great view outside. Weiland Beefy Bifold systems have been used in systems up to 40' wide. Folding door systems are especially useful when trying to maximize the size of an opening if there is no room for wall pockets.

The Liftslide

The liftslide door system is a roller system of European design. It allows door panels to be lifted above a 3/16" flush track to roll easily when opening or closing the door. When lowered, the weight of the door, a special gasketing system, and multi-point locking provide excellent weather resistance and security. In contrast to conventional sliding doors, this well engineered door system can be built to fill significantly larger than normal openings. The door system can be built in a straight or curved line and can be stacked or pocketed into walls. Large screen doors, designed by Weiland, are also available. Liftslides are available in aluminum with interior wood cladding, all aluminum, or all wood. Our liftslide systems have been tested up to 16' tall, with some configurations over 10' tall recently receiving Miami-Dade hurricane approval. Exclusive design features, including patented flush tracks and jamb systems, were integral in meeting high AAMA performance requirements.
Whether you choose our liftslides or folding doors, Weiland is your best solution for filling large, custom openings and enjoying the indoor/outdoor lifestyle.