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Honsador Lumber welcomes you to this portion of its website. It has been put together with you, the Builder in mind. You won’t find consumer oriented data here. We trust that what you will find is an easy-to-get-to assortment of information. Check out our brief product descriptions or via “hot link” peruse our manufacturer websites for downloads and other valuable information.

If this is your first visit to our website please know that we have 7 locations in the Hawaiian Islands to serve you. Find us in Kapolei, Oahu; Kahului, Maui; Kona, Hawaii; Hilo, Hawaii; Nawiliwili, Kauai; Kapaa, Kauai and Kilauea, Kauai. We are the only building materials supplier in Hawaii serving the entire state.
Need a Quote?
An interactive Material List is provided (see “Need Quote” in the menu bar at the top of the page) to assist you in quickly noting various materials you may want for us to quote you. There is an easy to use pull down menu of most asker for items and in the case of lumber, the lengths we stock. You can simply “drag and drop” the item(s) you want a price on right onto the material list. You need only type in the quantity. If you can’t find what you want on the menu of products simply type in a description as best you can and we’ll figure it out the Honsador Lumber description. You can then send us the list and we’ll price it out for you and return it electronically or by Fax.
Bonding hawaiiNeed Bonding or Want to Open an Account?

If you need to submit a job for Bonding or need to send us a credit application- all those forms are there for you in PDF or interactive “live forms” that can be emailed to us.

For contractors new to the Hawaii market, you will be required by lenders - local Banks and Savings and Loan companies – to provide the owner and lender a Bond. In Hawaii, small contractors building homes or doing major renovations or additions, funded by a local lending institution, must seek what is known as Material House Bonds. Rather than seeking a Bond through a Commercial Surety, contractors apply for Bonds via Material Houses. Such Bonds guarantee the projects are in compliance with the specifications and plans and end clear of liens. As such not all contractors who seek bonding through us get bonded. We require a complete review of personal and business financials, a review of past projects successfully completed. In addition personal indemnification may be required. A complete breakdown of costs by way of a Schedule of Values and a list of all subs doing the project. The cost to build the project must also be rational to us and easily accomplished within the contract days provided etc. There are other considerations that require you to sit with our Bonding personnel for the full story and list of requirements. New contractors to the Bond process should allow at least three to four weeks for the initial review process to be completed.
Prepackaged Home Kits

For many decades, Honsador Lumber has been the leader in Prepackaged Home Kits via its copyrighted library of building plans. The program, known as the “Island Homes Collection” has helped countless numbers of contractors construct thousands of home “kits” with a minimum of delay in planning, drafting and permitting. Our ready to go plans get you started quickly and easily. “Kits” already have material take offs for the goods we intend to supply. Inclusions and exclusions can vary by branch.

For a quick look at the collection of models and for more information, simply click on the locator bar above @ Home Packages. At this part of the site you will see over 20 “Standard Collection” and even more in the “Hilo Collection” of models. One, two, three, four and five bedroom models can be found as well as one or two story designs. There are ideas for extended families and even rental probabilities. Your clients will be impressed that you have so much to show them in such short order. Each major Branch office has an “Island Homes Collection” expert who can lead you through the process. Simply contact us for prices and all the details.
Homeplanning Services
If you need drafting services to design and complete working drawings we can help you here as well. Most major Branch locations have in-store or out-source drafting services available. Our capabilities are fairly broad and comprehensive. But if you are looking for a complicated or very custom design, possibly a difficult site; we recommend you see a licensed Architect and Engineer for that level of work. All homeplanning services have a service fee connected to them and we suggest you inquire at the Branch for these charges as they vary from Branch to Branch.
Delivery and Will Call Services 

Honsador has the largest fleet of delivery trucks and trailers in the industry to get materials to your jobsite quickly and efficiently. Our drivers are well trained professionals and very responsive to jobsite conditions. In most cases orders that are placed with the Branches (for in-stock materials) may be delivered the next day. In extreme cases we will make same day deliveries when conditions and preplanned commitments allow room for such fast response. Will Calls are handled on a first-come-first-served basis. On Oahu using the Will Call Express system customers can get their orders prepared ahead of their arrival and be ready for pick up in about an hour. All we ask is for you call in your orders ahead of time. When you get to the Oahu Branch you move to the head of the line. It’s a service “Fit for a King”!

expectations with Honsador LumberExpectations:

Our goal and the motto we live by every day is “Accurate, Complete and On-Time.”

It is a tall order and one that requires our employees, at all levels, to aspire to its full achievement and to place focus on their individual duties and assignments. We try our best to live up to this goal everyday and in all that we do. We do it for our Customers because each one of you is special to us!


Lastly, we take a lot of pride in our assortment of products and with the brands and manufacturers with whom we associate. Before adding brands or products to our selection we carefully screen each new manufacturer to assure they are of the highest ethical standards, their products are safe and meet the needs and challenges of our unique tropical climate. We look for manufacturers with good on-time track records and those who honor their warranties. Then and only then do we allow them to team with us to bring their goods to our customers. It is difficult to be perfect. Homebuilding is an art form and so is the supply of materials, especially in an island environment thousands of miles from the sources. We promise to bring all of our energies to do the absolute best job we can for all of you.

Welcome to Honsador Lumber! Let us know if we can be of service to you on your next project.